Key facts


A given name can express the character of a person. In the same way, the new CARMEN series from Amat embody a fully Mediterranean temperament, versatility and design.

Fabio Maria De’ Silva & Rafael Bufill have designed this innovative model for Amat. The chair can feel at ease both in indoor ambient or on outdoor spaces. In both cases, CARMEN shows its strong personality given by its special design, based on the human body bilateralism.

CARMEN is temperamental, timeless and versatile. Those are the features of this chair, which is introduced in the following versions:
Outdoor armchair
Indoor chair
Indoor armchair

From the technical point of view, CARMEN’s structure is made of aluminium when it has to endure outdoor conditions. When it remains indoor, its structure is then made either of chrome plated or polyester surface two layers, treated steel. In both cases, seat and back rest are made of UV 7 grade resistant polypropylene (8 is the highest grade). Available in 6 colours: White, Red, Graphite, Mandarina, Mostaza (Mustard) and Navy.