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The beauty of real wood combined with the practicality and versatility of a prefinished solution: ALPIkord, created for ultimate funcionality. ALPIkord is a line of new generation pre-finished woods, created to enhance and bring out the natural character of wood by offering natural textures and aesthetic impact to a previously unprecedented degree.

A ready to use wooden panel offering state of the art in terms of surface treatment and varnishing.The highly practical, certifiable ALPIkord finishes also share with ALPIlignum unique top quality and high customisation potential characteristics.

ALPIkord can also be supplied with the widely internationally acknowledged FSC Certification to certify the sustainable origin of our wood.

Three different finishes enhance tactile and visual sensations: the full-bodied Groove, the elegant Silk and the delicate Wax are three different possibilities stylishly characterising the end result of your product.
The GROOVE finish (zero gloss) is obtained by brushing the wood along the grain to emphasise its natural pores and materiality to ensure an incredible tactile effect associated with a sensation of immense naturalness, similar to that of pure wood.
The SILK variant (15 gloss) is characterised by brightness and elegance, a refined choice ensuring the classic taste of craftsmanship tradition to the touch and to the eye.
The WAX finishing (5 gloss) has a matte coating ensuring that the wood has the characteristic appearance of treatments based on natural waxes and oils.