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Interior lighting-Free-standing lights >

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This is a metallic, serious and elegant collection, with a design of clean and straight forms that dresses any space with refinement.
What fascinates most us about the NOTE collection is how it can emit as much light, being, as it is, a piece of metal. The explanation lies in its design: with a single lamp located at the top, NOTE emits a powerful light that is directed at the same time up and down. The light beam is filtered towards the ceiling through a piece of sanded optical glass. This glass acts also as a mirror and reflects the light, also projecting it towards the bottom, where NOTE has its characteristic opening in the structure. NOTE is, therefore, a stylish metal body fully illuminated. NOTE also has a dimmer located on the cable (in the floor and table versions) that will allow us to regulate, at will, the torrent of light at a softer intensity, when the occasion and the environment so require. NOTE is designed for the home, for restaurants or hotel facilities, commercial spaces or equipment of any kind.
NOTE is made up of three versions -floor, table and wall- and is available in five colors: silver, gold, white, black and red. The structure is anodized or painted aluminum. In the floor and wall versions, the socket is R7s of 118mm that allows an incandescent lamp, or a LED lamp available in the market for this type of socket. The table version has a G9 socket for incandescent lamp of a maximum of 60W, or for a LED type lamp.

L 14 cm x W 22 cm x H 180 cm

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