Product description

This is a luminaire with a marine spirit, without cables and with rechargeable battery, that can be used either as a pendant or as a table lamp.
NAUTIC brings us closer to the sea and the fishing lights so popular in the Mediterranean coast. Its forms are inspired by the lamps of the fishing boats, the one fishermen used to be placed at night in the stern to attract the fishes. NAUTIC has a fresh, sailor and casual design. What we love most about it is that it can be used either as a pendant or as a table lamp. Its handle allows us to hang it wherever we need an unplugged point of light, both indoors and outdoors. A branch of a tree, a wall protrusion, a hook in a canopy or parasol, will serve to place the NAUTIC as a suspension. And if we simply leave it on a surface, we will have an original table lamp that we can take anywhere, our bedside table, the terrace, the garden or a nocturnal picnic in the middle of nature.
The collection consists of a single model in three finishes, white, corten-brown and anthracite-gray. The shade is made of rotomolded polyethylene and the structure is made of iron. The light is LED (1W Cree 3000K 120lm) and the Li-ion battery is rechargeable using a USB, the same we use in an Android mobile.