Designed by Mark Gabbertas as a continuation of the Haven system, Haven Benches share the same design language and philosophy of collaboration; the benches are available in three lengths and can be used individually or linked. The vertical elements, bulwarks, are either attached to the bench to act as a backrest or perch or can be linked to the end of the bench as a perch or to act as space divider. To complete the possibilities that Haven Bench provides three linking modules are also offered. Haven Bench works seamlessly with the other elements of the Haven system: tables, screens and mobile stools.

Mark Gabbertas set up his design studio and workshop in 1993. He was awarded the Seating in Practice award for his ‘3°’ range of chairs and tables for the Atelier Restaurant in Soho, London and was a finalist at the prestigious FX International Interior Design Awards in 1999 for Tubby. Haven has also won a RedDot award.
Mark Gabbertas