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San Marino
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Garden accessories-Parasols >
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Product description

Frame: aluminium profile bars
Canopy: single waterproof canvas or 4 shade sails in sun-shading fabric

Standard finishes:
Frame in aluminium painted white - RAL 9010 (available in a wide range of colours upon request).
White waterproof canvas in PVC (available in a wide range of colours upon request).
White canvas in sun-shading fabric (available in a wide range of colours upon request).

Dimensions of the standard version:
W 280 x D 280 x H 240 cm
W 350 x H 350 x H 240 cm
W 420 x H 420 x H 240 cm
(other dimensions upon request)

News 2016:
WZone is now also available in the illuminated version with Led strips so that WZone continues to charm and disarm even after sundown. The canvas attachment system has been restyled and it is now much easier to remove and attach to the canopy. The WZone frame is now also available painted with varnish in a wood 3D effect.

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WZone is a gazebo distinguished by the intersection of two supporting structures. The canopy is built by anchoring four fixed canvas sheets to the frame of the gazebo, which is characterized by a slight opening that provides not only shadow but also a better ventilation than that offered by traditional gazebos.
It is also available with a single waterproof canvas.