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Norma project. An office chair so efficient that it looks perfectly natural, giving no inkling of the painstaking ergonomic and functional research work that went into its development. Elegant, natural simplicity envelopes a complex machine, fashioned to ensure that everyone can work in full comfort and experience a feeling of wellbeing during long office hours. Each component was styled from scratch and carefully studied down to the smallest details by Alias in close collaboration with Michele De Lucchi. The result is an office chair perfectly in keeping with the applicable international standards. The chair has a swivelling five-star aluminium base, a structure consisting of a back support in die-cast aluminium and a plastic seat padded with foamed polyurethane. The back of the chair is a highly innovative element. It consists of a die-cast aluminium back plate that supports a plastic frame with mesh, fastened in place by means of an advanced closing mechanism. Specially designed for Norma, this mechanism makes it absolutely unique. The seat is covered with a seamless three dimensional fabric, specially conceived to adhere perfectly to the shape of the shell. The chair ensures maximum ductility and comfort through a multiplicity of mutually integrated adjustments. As a function of the user’s ergonomic requirements and body size, in fact, a variety of elements can be adjusted, including height, seat and back inclination, lumbar support zone, seat depth. The arms can be adjusted for width and height, and the lengths of their rear and front portions can also be adapted as a function of user needs. The castors with stop can be had in soft and hard versions.