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The surprising organic form of Layout, the new system of container furniture designed for Alias by Michele De Lucchi, gives a completely new aesthetic look to a commonplace item of furniture.
Following in the best tradition of Alias projects, which have always managed to develop wholly innovative lines and concepts by elaborating materials used in other manufacturing sectors in an unconventional way, this system of container furniture stems from an original study of the new expressive possibilities offered by a well-known material, extruded aluminium.
In fact, the Layout modular system is made entirely from extruded aluminium profiles which, once attached to the base element and top element, form the load-bearing structure onto which shelves and doors can then be fitted.
Made up of several extruded aluminium parts, assembled together, the doors are hinged and fitted with a slow-closing device. Special anti-dust seals are used to protect the space inside the system, which is divided by shelves.
The project is particularly interesting because of the endless possibilities for modular layouts that can be used to create island or wall structures, concave and convex corner structures, or simply to form partitions inside architectural spaces of all kinds.
Layout is a new concept of container furniture, suited to any form of use, from domestic interiors to contract furnishing.