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Product description

The structure is made of aluminium uprights joined to steel feet and is available with telescopic extension with 1 or 2 steps. The desktop is made of Italian melamine, 30 mm thick, with 2 mm ABS edge. The legs are connected to each other through a metal beam.

An ergonomic and pinnable screen, covering the front and sides of the desk, can be supplied. It is upholstered in fabric with the possibility of hanging metal accessories.

The desk can be equipped with wiring accessories such as top access and plastic vertical cable ducts to handle all cable and power outlet requirements.

Product family


Crono is an electrical height-adjustable system featuring freestanding desks and benches.
The system has been designed in response to the demand of ergonomic workstations oriented to the health and well-being of the user. The structure is available with 1 or 2 step telescopic extension.
The elevation is controlled by a push-button that is secured under the worksurface, also available in the programmable version with the possibility to store up to 4 positions in height.
A structural beam connects the two legs and provides cable management with easy access to the user and IT.
It is possible to hide the support legs inside a special Italian melamine-based box leg that also gives the possibility of hiding and running the cables inside it. The box legs can be easily opened by a ramovable panel that allows access to the cable management.

Crono offers different nishes for the top and for the structure allowing many colour combinations.