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Invicta | Tiébélé In/Outdoor 03 Coffee
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Tiébélé, in Burkina Faso is the African one-of-a-kind village with unique and stunning painted mud houses. They decorate their homes by painting intricate designs on the exterior walls of their houses, using colored mud and chalk. While the building of the houses is done by the men, the painting is a woman’s job. The houses are ornamented with incredibly precise and delicate folklore patterns. This incredible jacquard is inspired by Africa and this very ancient practice resulting in a geometric heavy fabric, suitable both for in and outdoor use.
Composition: 100%PP
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 826 gr/ml
Martindale: > 30.000 CC
Pilling: 4/5
Lightfastness: 7
Rapport: H2,4 x V6cm
FR: BS 5852 Source 1 FR Treatment available upon request.

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INVICTA from the Latin word invictus meaning undefeated or unconquered, unbeaten, unvanquished, victorious. INVICTA goes back to the cradle of civilization, the origins, the search for raw expression and valuable heritage. The reflect of art and human science, preserved and enriched by resilient artists, people of other ages and different backgrounds, reuniting the knowledge and crafts of the past with skills of the future. The experimenting of materials and textures, volumes and concepts, exploring geometry and dimension, standing strong in their beliefs and conquering their place in time and history, shaping not only this Collection but life.