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Bricola | Susanna Island
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Product description

Susanna Island is a plate created with a slice of SOLID OAK BRICOLA WOOD, obtained from a Briccola pole of Venice, preserved in EXTRACLEAR RESIN resembling the Lagoon water. The plate is equipped with an invisible Lazy Susan rotating mechanism, made of TRANSPARENT POLYCARBONATE

The natural wood surface is not covered by resin on the section planes since alcarol always use a selective wood coating with a matt natural effect.

Ø 40 / 45 / 55 x H 3 cm / Customizable size, design and finishes.

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According to alcarol's idea of environmental cross-section, the pieces of Bricola Collection re-use and gives new life to Oak poles recovered in the Venice Lagoon. During the years in the canals, these poles are subjected to unremitting  labour of lagoon molluscs and atmospheric agents that carve and sculpt the wood, so that each piece is unique. Using a patented and elaborated resination process, alcarol preserves intact the natural and peculiar live edges, filling the gaps and capturing the underwater air bubbles that bring the wood back to the original look and conditions.  At the same time, the natural wood surface on the section planes is not not covered by resin, in order to guarantee a different experience of touch and sight, and to give their essential characteristics: warmth and matt porosity from natural wood, elegance and evocative transparency from the resin.