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Dish basin, round, w/h/d 360/137/360 mm, glazed steel, without tap hole, without overflow, included , drain valve, valve cap, glazed in the basin colour

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Alape extends its portfolio with innovative finishes

Alape develops new innovative finishes to strengthen its glaze competencies. In the past few years, the company moved the clear geometric shapes of wash basins into the foreground; now, it is focusing increasingly on finishes. True to the motto, “shaping surfaces”, the Goslar manufacturer concentrates on the most essential part of its products. The extension of Alape’s finishes portfolio is the beginning of a new era of expressive finishes—what began with “Bicolor” and “Metallic Dark Iron” is now being continued.

Alape is distinguished by its long-standing expertise in the steel processing industry and its constant strive for innovation. Working with glazed steel has always inspired the Goslar company and motivated it to strive for creative achievements. With the new finishes, which will be added to its portfolio in 2019, Alape marks a milestone in the evolution of design options with glazed steel. The manufacturer’s expertise is based on various areas of competencies: Materials that undergo a precise and unique “3-layer process”, where water is removed from the glaze before it is stove-enamelled, help Alape achieve the outstanding quality of its finishes. To establish Alape’s claim for new and innovative products and to adapt them to the various interior and bathroom design requirements, the company offers many customisation options, including a large selection of RAL colours. In addition, the Goslar manufacturer strives to develop finishes that support interior designers with creating new style universes.
Following this central idea when developing their new finishes, Alape tried to satisfy the increased requirements for designing living spaces. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to break new ground. The inspiration for the new finishes came from analogies with nature: The depths of the ocean and the colour of water were used as models, along with the natural composition and colour of stone and wood. By extending its finishes portfolio, the long-established company not only upgrades its existing range but also highlights materiality und expression of form of its products to place yet more emphasis on their DNA (clear, precise, innovative).
The bathroom is becoming more and more an oasis of well-being used for regeneration and recreation. Apart from functionality, ambience is playing an increasingly important role. Alape offers diverse solutions for high-quality and aesthetic bathroom design. Thanks to its long years of outstanding expertise in enamel, Alape succeeded in transforming the look of the bathroom's washplace with contrasting and metallic finishes. Last year, Alape launched the “Bicolor” and “Metallic Dark Iron” finishes, two variants that inspire creativity. While “Bicolor” combines two contrasts (black/white and matte/shiny) and captivates with precise and exact transitions, “Metallic Dark Iron” has a special glaze whose metal shine shimmers depending on geometry and perspective. Due to the high degree of reflection, the “Metallic Dark Iron” finish variant blends into surrounding materials and adapts to its setting.
In time for Milan’s Salone del Mobile, Alape is launching new finish versions: Finishes with a matte or novelty powdery feel, called “Terra”, and finishes with colour nuances and progressions catching the eye with their transparent look—”Aqua”. Furthermore, the company is showcasing technical easy-care and antibacterial finish coatings. An additional dimension appears with this portfolio extension: In future, materiality, colour and feel of the new glazes will play a role in the design of high-quality rooms, enabling interior designers to harmoniously emphasise a room’s features in the different style universes. The new finishes support Alape’s claim as an expert in finishes and as an innovation driver.

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