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Sober serverity
Two structural bridges support a thin extension table. Variabilis is a clean and minimal table that suits well the various needs of a domestic environment.

A modern object that furnishes with simplicity and severity the dining-room, kitchen or study. Available fixed or extendible, plywood or glass.

Traditional or extensible table.
The table features an elegant design and the total absence of sharpe edges.

Structure: anodised aluminium (natural aluminium, black) or painted (white)

Legs: anodised aluminium (aluminium, black), painted aluminium (white), aluminium wood veneered Noce Tattile (walnut tactile) or Olmo Tattile (Elm Tactile)

Glass tops: 10 mm thick back-painted. Tempered glass is heated to about 650° C and quickly cooled. This way, normal glass assumes an internal structure that makes it much more resistant than normal glass and, in the event of breaking, crumbles into small, dull pieces

Glass finishes: Glass is available in both polished and opaque finishes

Glass Portfolio colours: pure white, cloud white, parchment, dove grey, smoke, ebony. mustard, blue, loam yellow, lawn green, natural green, fire grey, titanium, hemp (opaque only), blackboard black (opaque only), red, ruby red, cement (opaque only)

Honeycomb aluminium tops: 10 mm think, structural Noce Tattile (Walnut Tactile) water painted or veneered Olmo Tattile (Elm Tactile) water painted. The aluminium honeycomb guarantees extreme sturdiness, planarity and agility. Extensible tables mount a sliding system that allows the table to be simply and quickly elongated.

Extensions: 10 mm thick aluminium honeycomb

Extension finish: anodised aluminium with glass top or Noce Tattile (walnut tactile) or Olmo Tattile (elm tactile) with wood top

Attn: tables 200 cm or longer may have slight bends within acceptable quality standards.

H 75cm, 75-85-95-138 x 120-138-160-200-240cm