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Search for materiality, quality details, refined textures, for a table that modernises the feel of antique wood and interprets in a modern key.
The top is 5 centimetres thick but is rounded on all sides, thus acquiring dynamics and agility. Even the legs, consistently, are designed with the same roundness and contribute in creating two longitudinal bridges, visible on the top: this is Myrtus’ most prominent feature.

Traditional or extensible table
Myrtus stands out for its design detail combined with a modern interpretation of classic materials such as walnut and oak. The 5 cm thick top is curtailed on the profile by a diagonal cut that corresponds to the rounded leg corner. This way the joint between the leg and top is streamlined to make the table aspect more dynamic from various viewpoints.

Structure: anodised aluminium (aluminium and black) or painted (white)

Legs: anodised aluminium (aluminium, black), painted aluminium (white) or Noce Tattile (Walnut Tactile) or Natural oak veneered aluminium

Wood tops: tops on wood supports lined with 5/10 thick cut wood with water painted bloomed edges, typical surface finish

Top Finish: Noce Tattile (Walnut Tactile) and Natural Oak

Glass tops: 10 mm thick back-painted. Tempered glass is heated to about 650° C and quickly cooled. This way, normal glass assumes an internal structure that makes it much more resistant than normal glass and, in the event of breaking, crumbles into small, dull pieces.

Glass finishes: Glass is available in both polished and opaque finishes. Glass Portfolio COLOURS: pure white, cloud white, parchment, dove grey, smoke, ebony, mustard, blue, loam yellow, lawn green, natural green, fire grey, titanium, hemp (opaque only), blackboard black (opaque only), red, ruby red, cement (opaque only)

Extensions: 10 mm thick aluminium honeycomb

Extension finish: aluminium

H 75cm, 75-85-95-138 x 120-138-160-200-240cm