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Perceptive harmony
Continuum is a table designed to integrate into the living area perfectly. Its essential and rigorous structure conveys elegance and strength at the same time, becoming a central presence in the furniture of any room.

Formal coherence
The legs, in veneered extruded aluminium, form material continuum with the top, also in veneered aluminium honeycomb, tactile elm or tactile walnut, creating a continuous finish. Continuum is available in fixed or extendable versions, in different depths and lengths.

Continuum stands out for its design details combined with a contemporary interpretation of more classic materials such as walnut and elm for the Tactile finish. The top is 10-mm thick and its profile
is lightened by a diagonal cut that corresponds with the bevelled angle of the legs. This lends lightness to the union of the legs and top and makes the facets of the table more dynamic from various viewpoints. The tactile elm version will be available in Autumn 2012.

Structure: anodised aluminium (aluminium, black) or painted (white).

Legs: aluminium wood veneer Noce Tattile or Olmo Tattile

Honeycomb aluminium tops: 10 mm think, structural veneered, Noce Tattile (Walnut Tactile), Olmo Tattile (Elm Tactile). The aluminium honeycomb guarantees extreme sturdiness, planarity and agility. Extensible tables mount a sliding system that allows the table to be simply and quickly elongated.

Extensions: 10 mm thick aluminium honeycomb

Extension finish: Noce Tattile (Walnut Tactile) or Olmo Tattile (Elm tactile)

Attn : tables 200 cm or longer may have slight bends within acceptable quality standards.

H: 75

85-95 x 160-200-240