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As a leading Swiss metal and façade engineering company with 50 years of experience, air-lux implements entire building shells with the air-lux system.

We specialise in consultation, planning, production, assembly and service in façade engineering, glass and metal construction. As a complete service provider and professional project partner for architects, façade planners, general contractors and building owners, we offer sustainable solutions that impress architecturally, technically and functionally.We use all of our expert knowledge in metal construction and glass façades to deliver solid, high-quality solutions.

Absolute impermeability, absolute comfort.
The physical demands of large-scale glass façades mean that conventional sealing techniques do not measure up. That’s why air-lux has patented its own air-assisted sealing system. It means that air-lux remains 100 % sealed – even in extreme winds and driving rain. And it comes with a most welcome sideeffect – unparalleled absorption of external noise.

Design freedom with system support.
With air-lux, in addition to a frameless window frontage in exceptional dimensions, the flexible, customisable range also extends to sliding panels and a range of opening and tilting options. This offers architects and developers a whole new range of design and expression possibilities. The result – Architecture that sets new standards.