Product description

Integrated support for TV set and DVD player with high adjustable shelves for discs and decoders. The pivoting pole is available to fit floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall in a variety of colours, finishes and configurations.

Materials and finishes: anodised aluminium silver mat / black mat anodised / white lacquered / chrome - shelves: steel grey lacquered / black lacquered / white lacquered (adjustable screen holder: black / DVD rack: black).

floor-to-wall pivoting holder: h.2205 mm
floor-to-ceiling pivoting holder: h.max 3000 mm

Product family


A collection of at-wall or free-standing or on-pole floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall storage units, eventually pivoting, with single or double row of shelves with function of book-corner or TV-DVD holder, wardrobe, etc.