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AGORAwall interior Screen 120x60 AN 911-120
AGORAwall interior
Michael Hartung
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AN 911-120
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Wall coverings-Acoustic solutions
Room acoustics-Sound absorption
Sound absorption-Suspended panels

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AGORAwall interior are acoustically effective elements which also function as space divisioner at the same time. The construction of the elements allows the usage of individual installation-spots or standardized systems (wall tracks or mounting sets).

It is possible to cover most of the acoustically effective elements in digitally printed fabrics or to embroider them with writings or logos. We also manufacture every element with different sutured fabric colours – inasmuch as it's technically possible.

Besides the given sizes and heights we also produce intermediate sizes as well as elements and forms adjusted to the requests of our clients – insofar as there are no technical limitations to consider.

We only use A-level absorber (at least 50mm absorber strength) – exceptions are glass wall elements and the rear side of cabinets.

Our products are made in sweden and – if possible – made of recycled material or natural products. That's why they are practically 100% reusable.

All absorbers are by default flame-resistant.

Ouf course we produce on request different sizes, forms and combinations – it's up to your fantasy.