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XEIS Linear Ramus
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Product description

- contrasting colour variations are a valued feature
- surface full of natural character
- shakes and occasional open knots enhance the rustic look
- additional colour pigments give the floor a special greyish brown tone.

Top layer: 3,6 mm
Standard lengths: 1850 mm, 2000 mm (depends on availability)
Surface: Natural oil


XEIS [ksais] is derived from the colloquial term given to the native Gesäuse region, what the locals often refer to as K'sais. The Gesäuse national park leaves a spectacular and impressive imprint on the landscape around Admont – with its striking mountain formations and rugged outcrops. The XEIS range offers the appearance of a lightly smoked floor giving an authentic alpine aesthetic. The XEIS collection features rustic oak in seven colours and three unique surface textures all finished in natural oil. The 100% natural finish combined with the surface treatments enhances the natural character of the wood.

3 different looks – 3 different feels
XEIS is available in three distinct surface textures:
linear: Lengthwise brushing highlights the rich, organic texture from within the wood grain. In this way, the natural beauty of the wood comes into its own.
cross: Intensive brushing across the board, creates a unique pattern, leaving this floor with an exceptionally lively character.
alpin: Combining strong linear brushing and a scraping of the wood creates a truly unique sensory experience.

3-layer construction:
This special engineered 3-layer structure is composed of a top layer, a transverse middle layer and a bottom layer, which serves to balance the tensions. This structure simply cannot be surpassed as far as its dimensional stability and superior balance is concerned.

Sustainable forest cultivation:
For the production of Admonter wide plank floors we use timber from sustainable forest cultivation (PEFC certificate) promoting natural forests, careful forest management, variety of species of animals and plants and the preservation of a natural environment with high recreational value. (Exception: siberian Larch)

IBR certificate:
The IBR certificate was issued by the independent Institute for Construction Biology in Rosenheim (Germany) for harmlessness in terms of health and ecology.

30 years warranty:
STIA grants a 30-year warranty on hidden defects in the floor based on material and manufacturing defects.

Quality control:
From the manual pre-sorting of the raw materials to the delivery of the floor, an Admonter undergoes a total of 15 quality checks.

Admonter XEIS is available with tongue & groove or lock-it profile.

Skirting and stair nosing:
To compliment every floor Admonter offers matching skirtings and stair nosings in the complete XEIS collection.