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Architonic ID 1098999
TL thickness approx.: 3,6 mm
Finishs: natural oil easy care, matt lacquer
surface textures: brushed
Thickness: 15 mm
Width: 158, 192 mm
Lenghts: 2000, 2400 mm
Gradings: noblesse
Profile: tongue & groove or lock-it

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Admonter Heritage Collection

The origin of the wood is decisive at Admonter, then as now. Wood has been processed in the densely wooded area around Admont since 1074. From 1874 on industrial.

Admonter relies on European types of wood in the "Heritage Collection". Sustainability and regionality are important values ​​that must be preserved. In addition, the careful and conscientious use of resources is becoming increasingly important.

In the current "Heritage Collection" from Admonter, five native woods are presented in new colours, structures and with special properties. One of these special properties is the "intensive" texture, which is very pronounced to the touch and look, which gives the wooden floor up to +25% higher indentation resistance (hardness) compared to sanded surfaces.

Well-known European types of wood such as spruce, ash, pine, stone pine and larch are "in" again and moving into domestic rooms. They impress with strength, beauty and robustness. The variety of light and dark color options offers a lot of leeway in designing your own furnishing style.


Heritage Collection | Ash noblesse

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