Refined, ethereal and metaphysical ideally describe Mariposa, a new bed headboard created by Adele-C. Even before defining its function as a headboard, one must think of it as an expression of the metaphysical dimension permeating our dreams. Representing the oneiric is the immaterial raison d’être of this new headboard by Adele-C. With an interchangeable sheet in transparent methacrylate, sustained by a lacquered shelf. Spreading across the headboard, a glow of light animates its engravings, making them appear as if suspended in the night’s darkness and dreams. Mariposa should be placed at the bed’s top end (even when there is an existing bed frame), to fulfill both the functional and fantastical requirements of sleeping and most crucially, dreaming.

Headboard size: L 94.5” D 9.8” H 9.8” (inches) L 240 P 25 H 25 (cm)
Structure: MDF varnished red (to be defined)
Headboard elements: transparent engraved thermoformed methacrylate