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Efit | 40 Medium
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Total height: from 910 to 1010 mm
Total width: 675 to 690 mm
Total depth: 675 mm
Seat height: from 460 to 560 mm
Seat width: 460 to 510 mm
Seat depth: from 470 to 540 mm

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Efit is a versatile chair for the Millennial generation and new working methods

Alegre Design has created a chair for Actiu which is inspired by the versatility and personalisation of young people in the world of work, seeking design, comfort and ergonomics, but with a distinctive character and appearance. A chair created for their way of working: flexible, mobile and very creative.

The generation who reached adulthood in the 21st century, made up of young people - and not so young people - who have grown up alongside new technology, are known as the ‘Millennials’. They are an independent, innovative and versatile urban tribe, whose arrival in the world of work is changing spaces, processes and ways of working. For this generation, work engagement is not just about their salary. Space, flexibility and wellbeing are key. And amongst all of this, the place of work is fundamental: their chair.

With this generation, and new, more dynamic, flexible and creative ways of working in mind, Actiu has launched Efit a chair with a young and casual appearance that considers ergonomics and avoids the distractions that result from discomfort. A chair designed with a focus on people and how to make them always feel comfortable and focussed, but also free to move.

To this end, Efit boasts a flexible, breathable backrest which responds to the movements of the back through a dynamic lumbar system, supporting this area in a way that relieves the upper part of the back and neck. It also boasts two different backrest heights, a reactive system with four locking positions and a inscription in the lumbar area designed for greater comfort for the users back, inspired by geometric figures of bionics or 3D technology.

The productive and innovative capacity of Actiu, combined with Alegre Design’s 15 years experience in the development of office seating have resulted in eFit’s seat being one of the most comfortable in the company’s portfolio. The composition of the foam, the distribution of the air chambers in its interior or the thickness of the seat have been revised in this model and these improvements will be deployed to other models in the Actiu range.

Efit is highly customisable, such as its single colour design (black or white), fully upholstered backrest - an option for improved comfort - or matching casing and upholstery. All this to respond to the needs of a connected, free and spontaneous generation that know how to make it their own and make it fit in all kinds of workspaces, be they traditional offices, home offices or coworking spaces.