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ARCHITECTS GLASS - Transparent screen for improved acoustics

There is a new member of the innovative ARCHITECTS acoustic panel family: ARCHITECTS Glass.
This product significantly expands our system for designing the acoustic properties of open spaces and providing effective zoning elements. ARCHTECTS GLASS incorporates a purist, airy feel with a modular system and uncompromisingly expresses aesthetics and functionality in its own way. The slender glass panels can be placed in almost any way you can imagine: on tables, sideboards, or even the floor, just like you can do with the textile panel system. However, the game changer is your ability to play with the transparency these panels offer. The glass surfaces are available in a variety of designs and colors ranging from opaque to clear, enabling you to adjust the visual level of transparency and provide new highlights for a room.
And the acoustic properties of ARCHITECTS GLASS are valuable in cutting back on disruptive environmental noises such as people's voices, providing you with an effective means to acoustically separate areas within a larger space.