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Family of sideboards in various configurations (high or low, with or without base, suspended or ground), characterised by a lighting system placed in a rear strip that houses the cables and enables the light to be diffused simultaneously from the upper part (protected by a matte methacrylate panel), from the lower part and to the inside of the compartments through portholes positioned in the backs. Matte white finish for interior, which is provided with holes for cables and can accommodate drawers, shelves and CD/DVD trays. In brown oak, lauro preto, eucalyptus, matte or glossy lacquer in various colours, or with brushed nickel metallic lacquer. Top in the same finish as the unit or in K-Stone® Statuario white, matte white or black Travertine. N.C. LOW SIDEBOARD / Low sideboard with matte methacrylate base (h 60-65 cm), or with metal base (h 55 cm). In the case of the methacrylate base, the particular design of the support foot makes it possible to combine several units together. It is also available in an AV version, characterised by a particular horizontal partition of the compartment that can be opened as a drawer, with the upper part (front and top) made of grey transparent glass, dedicated to housing the audiovisual equipment. N.C. HIGH SIDEBOARD / High dining room sideboard with flap doors and external drawers. Adjustable base in matte methacrylate. N.C. WALL SIDEBOARD / Wall-mounted sideboards without lighting system and holes for cables.

A family of sideboards in various configurations, with a base or suspended above floor level, featuring intriguing combinations of materials. Sideboards with a back-lighting system that enables the light to be diffused simultaneously from the upper part through a strip in matte methacrylate, inside the compartments and from the lower part. The volume of the unit, bathed in the light, appears to be suspended, a sensation that is heightened by the semitransparency of the matte methacrylate base and by the particular design of the new metal base.