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Modular system consisting of panels acting as suspended or ground panelling, finished in K-Stone® with continuous vertical wood grain up to a 320 cm maximum height. The panelling can be designed with full-height panels, as wall cladding or as panels with interposed shelves in a flush-fitting system with an aluminium weight-bearing section. The paneling can be combined with the N.C. Smartwall storage units or with floor-standing cabinets (N.C. Base, N.C. Ground Sideboard, etc), allowing many different compositional solutions. The 2016 evolution includes two new cabinet modules, resting on a thick base and mounted on the wall, closed by large sliding doors with completely invisible tracks. The doors can be opaque (K-Stone® finish or back-painted glass), or partially transparent in the version with solid wood slats combined with Stopsol reflective glass at the back. The TV unit 160 allows the TV screen and various audiovisual systems to be concealed, with the possibility of adding an Acerbis soundbar by Diapson® either in a special rear compartment or in front,protected by a metal grid. The unit 80 can include a vertical cabinet with two shelves and a drawer. The inside of the compartments can be in wood or matt lacquered finish. The unit 80 may also have the backs faced with K-Stone® so as to give continuity to the paneling finish. FINISHES / Panels in K-Stone® Glossy White Statuary, Matte White Travertine, Glossy Black Travertine, or Black Eucalyptus veneer. Profiles and base strip in tone-on-tone painted aluminum. Shelves in transparent methacrylate (thickness 15 mm) or wood (thickness 40 mm), with a matte or glossy lacquered or veneer finish. Doors in K-Stone®, back-painted glass in various colors, or dark solid ash wood slats (black Eucalyptus color). Compartment insides with matt lacquer or veneer finish.

A modular system consisting of wood panels in K-Stone® or black Eucalyptus, with very thick, wooden shelves alternating with thin, methacrylate surfaces and suspended or floorstanding containers. The large doors of solid wood slats combined with reflective, transparent glass, in K-Stone® or back painted glass generate an intriguing effect of reflections and transparencies.

Elegantly concealed behind sliding doors on invisible tracks, the audio-video systems are perfectly integrated into the units and give you maximum freedom of choice between revealing and hiding. The Acerbis sound-bar by Diapson® can be integrated into a special compartment in the TV module to improve quality and give greater warmth to the sound and images.