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A system of small tables with a top made by freely combining different contrasting materials: wood, marble, cement, shiny metals, giving life to a mosaic of materials differing by type, color nuances, texture and thickness. Rectangular or square, the tables can also be freely combined with each other to form large coffee tables with an ever-changing material and graphic effect.

- Wood tops, thickness 30 mm, Swamp Oak or Swamp Ash(*)
- Marble tops, thickness 15 mm, white arabesque or grey graphite, matte finish
- Cement tops, thickness 15 mm, white or dark grey, matte finish
- Tray, thickness 15 mm, in polished steel or brass

(*) Swamp oak and Swamp ash
Special veneer identified as a “fossil” since obtained from trunks found below ground, where they have been preserved under layers of clay for hundreds of years. The anaerobic environment inhibited the growth of microorganisms preventing the inexorable process of slow decay. On the contrary, over time the internal elements are transformed and others have been added: the mineral salts are combined with those present in the wood matrix, slowly transforming the organic state. This long natural process, which cannot be replicated, gives the wood a unique, precious appearance, with surprising colors and textures. The aging of the wood can also cause the formation of cracks and splits which are puttied and repaired but not eliminated during processing, because they are the signs of time that provide evidence of the great age and uniqueness of the material.

Product family


The MOODBOARD program, the first project designed by Massimo Mariani for Acerbis, is a family of small tables of versatile construction and composition that gives life to a new visual and material code dedicated to the living room: wood, marble, cement and shiny metals, creating a mosaic of materials differing by type, color nuances, texture and thickness. The search for graphic and material compositions with a strong personality creates a continuous play of color combinations and a surprising rhythm for a collection that uses color, material and form as the inspiration and synthesis for any design expression for either private or contract use. In different sizes, rectangular or square, with a supporting structure and feet painted matte dark grey,
the tables can be freely combined with each other to compose large coffee tables with tops in Swamp Oak or Swamp Ash wood, in white arabesque or grey graphite marble, and in white or dark grey cement with matte finishes. A polished steel or brass tray, the thickness of which is designed to match perfectly with the different thicknesses of the table tops, can be added as a valet or utility tray.