Key facts

Softline™ Wave Screen
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Partitions/Space dividers-Space dividers
Room acoustics-Sound absorption
Sound absorption-Freestanding panels

Product description

The Wave screen design allows you to easily combine variable height screens. Frame of solid wood with a 50 mm thick acoustic panel of fireproof mineral wool. The screens are covered with Event fabric in 11 colours. Shelves are available in 800 mm and 1000 mm width. Indicated heights excl. legs.

Product family


Softline Floor Screen

It’s no coincidence that Softline has become a timeless classic. Its ingeniously simple design and friendly feel, combined with its excellent sound-absorbency properties, make it a functional favourite in workplaces worldwide. The screen consists of a sound-absorbent filling mounted inside a solid wood frame. The screen is upholstered with fabric on both sides. Metal feet (colours: chrome, black, white, and grey). Heights available: 5, 50 or 100 mm. The connectors make it possible to link multiple screens in a row or at an angle.

Softline Table Screen

Create a functional acoustic environment in your office with Softline table screens. The series features table screen models with the same soft look. Create lively or discreet table screen combinations using a choice of colours and fabrics. The table screen consists of a soundabsorbent filling mounted within a solid wood frame. The screen is upholstered with fabric on both sides. Steel desk fittings (colours: black, white, and grey). 90-degree fittings are available so that two screens can be joined to maintain stability when used at an angle.