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Alumi Storage
Alumi Storage
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The Alumi partition is being enhanced into a modern storage piece with a focus on sound reduction. Alumi storage furniture is designed for positioning either against a wall or as a freestanding unit in a room as a room divider – silent furniture worth shouting about.

The new storage furniture is an evolution of the sound-absorbing range Alumi. As with the partition, its focus is to reduce disruptive sound in the environment where it stands. The storage furniture achieves this in two ways: with the smart, silent sliding doors, and through the choice of material that absorbs and dampens sound. The doors are constructed in the same way as the floor and table screens with an aluminum frame and compressed felt as standard, or a fabric of the customer’s choice. The storage can be used as a partition on a base or metal feet, and is designed to be attractive from all angles.

With Alumi, Nina Jobs and the design team at Abstracta have once again designed a product that improves efficiency and work peace in modern office environments. Nina Jobs has long been designing for Abstracta and has developed several successful solutions for the modern workspace. The standard Alumi furniture is primarily used as a sound-absorbing room divider and is already available as both a table and a floor screen. The smart new storage furniture in the same range develops the office environment even further. The storage pieces complete the Alumi family and modern workspaces can now have a uniform style with Nina Jobs’s elegant, functional design.