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Ikony White 5659 Laminate Print HPL
Collection Digitalia
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Karim Rashid >
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Karim Rashid has designed for ABET LAMINATI Collection Digitalia, a new collection of 27 décor in digital print.
Aquatik, Bleep, Morph, Replicant, just to mention some of them, are bright and colourful décor that seem to produce optical illusions. The new décor and graphical lines by Karim Rashid are able to stimulate the imagination and charm the observers, creating different modular schemes and thus provoking an effect of instability. According to Karim Rashid, human experience, social behaviours, economical and political problems and the interaction between mind and body can influence design.
Karim Rashid in his Karimanifesto reveals his wish to see people live in the modus of their time and participate in the contemporary world, people that will be able to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals, from what is kitsch and meaningless.
Karim declares that “if human nature is to live in the past, to change the world is to change human nature”: to reach his goal he provides contemporary people with strong impressions, shapes, images, signs, lights and colours. Even within the new collection for ABET LAMINATI, the most popular designer describes his philosophy: to arouse feelings and emotions.

"New decorative meanings have surfaced. Once decoration spoke of ritual, religious iconography, or spiritual images - now I am interested in it speaking to us about our new spiritualism the spirit of the digital age with my COLLECTION DIGITALIA by ABET LAMINATI.
Decoration needs a revisit in our product and architectural landscape to communicate our milieu, our time. I think the digital age has a new language - a vernacular I refer to as the Infostethic, the aesthetics of information.
I also call this period Digipop, a graphic movement that has its roots in the computer age and is driven by digital technology. The premise is using new tools to create complex 2-d graphic work that has a perception of 3-d. A characteristic of the movement of graphic design and application and the use of composition techniques only made possible through the use of new technologies and software. The new movement of techno graphics is creating a landscape that is hypertextual, hypergraphic, hypertrophic, and energetic."
Karim Rashid

Laminate sheet 130 x 305 cm