TEA is a beautiful drop of light enriching rooms with a fascinating and inviting atmosphere. The unique pendant luminaire was designed by Herzog & de Meuron to inspire and captivate people with its lightweight and almost floating look.

Offering both direct and indirect shares of light, TEA lets you elegantly combine accent and ambient lighting, and the illuminated light guide is a striking highlight, especially at night. Its length can be shortened very easily on-site according to your needs and enables you to create beautiful and eye-catching arrangements with various luminaires.

The energy-efficient LED technology and the durable glass housing make TEA a sustainable and sophisticated luminaire. And since our experienced and skilled engineers found a way to integrate the light source of the light guide into the luminaire, wiring and mounting is surprisingly easy. TEA is the result of outstanding collaboration and craftmanship. A product of purest perfection. All condensed in one drop. A drop of light.