When the professional slips into the private sphere, then a VORSTAND – an executive board – is needed to maintain order at home. It creates space when you need it, frees up space where you need it. Otherwise, it retreats elegantly into the background.

Closed, the stature of a slender wall cabinet, DER VORSTAND unfolds with a single pull into a multifunctional think tank. The fold-out ceiling creates a sense of space, it affords light and connects the essentials: the back wall mounted on wheels with its magnetic exterior and the secretary at the centre. In keeping with the trusted Moormann ordering principle, everything has its place: from your pen to the books and the binders. Devices are charged; cables are hidden. A curtain can be added to the side, and the illumination the ceiling and work space adjusted to your personal preferences – for maximum atmosphere on minimum surface area. It’s about thinking big, outside the box.

Surfaces and materials are reduced to the basics: solid ash wood and light beige linoleum where hands and eyes rest or work in concentration; black surfaces and quiet restraint where nothing should distract you. Precise details for storing, cabling, and locking the fold-out mechanism convey integrity and guarantee self-assured performance on the executive level.

The Design Competition
DER VORSTAND was initially designed as a submission to a design competition. Since then this winner model has ventured out on its own as an independent room-in-room solution. The first prototype was developed and built by Moormann’s in-house designers following the ideals of Nils Holger Moormann.

Nils Holger Moormann Möbel GmbH
Simply produce furniture, you say? Not really our thing. We are in search of furniture creations based on a special idea. Sometimes absurd, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a detail, sometimes a revolution. Typically a minimalist formal language with a high level of expedience – but always with a subtle twinkle in the eye. The guiding principles of simplicity, intelligence, and innovation resonate throughout the company’s philosophy. From the original headquarters in Aschau im Chiemgau to the purist design classic FNP and the unconventional “berge” mountain retreat – timelessness and zeitgeist are no contradiction. “New German Design” was the driving force when the founder and name giver inadvertently fathered the company in 1982. The founding idea to turn the furniture industry upside-down with a platform for mostly young, unknown designers, however, is just as relevant in 2021.

Technical Details / Furnishings / Material

Fold-out secretary with ceiling and back wall

Wall-mounted body | silk-matt black surfaces and black solid ash wood edges | hidden guide rails for scissor mechanism | lockable

Secretary element suspended in body | black surfaces and bright ash wood edges | power supply cable with cord hanger in foot space | fold-out table surface coated with light beige linoleum | removable two-part milled solid ash wood organiser | cable ducts, smartphone holder, pen tray | power outlet + two USB charging sockets hidden in cable duct | LED bar with rotary light control knobs | magnetic secretary back wall | two shelves for books and office materials | hideaway storage compartment for optional curtain montage

Multi-part ceiling construction | black powdered steel profile scissor mechanism for secure connection between body and back wall | two-part ceiling with integrated LED lighting, coated with light beige linoleum | central handle to lock in open position | magnetically attachable side curtain (Kvadrat Mi casa 0421)

Pull-out back wall | rolls out on wheels, vertically stabilised by scissor mechanism | black painted ash wood profile outer edges | magnetic exterior | hidden guide rails for scissor mechanism | interior furnished with pin- and sideboard | lateral storage shelves for binders | drawer | solid rubber wheels (d: 125 mm)

Dimensions folded in: 37.5 x 95.0 x 230.0 cm
Dimensions folded out: 170.0 x 95.0 x 230.0 cm
Dimensions table surface: 59.1 x 70.9 cm
Ceiling height: 205.5 cm