FAP Ceramiche presents the surprising decorative patterns of the large FAP MURALS slabs.

OH MY FAP! FAP Murals is born, a collection of spectacular wall tiles designed by FAP Ceramiche, a tribute to the power of nature and an expression of the most exuberant fantasies fuelled by maximum creativity. Ceramic wall tiles thus become a furnishing element in their own right, a disruptive return to chromatic dynamism and decoration with a romantic and enveloping flavour characterised by glossy lacquer on matt backgrounds.

By exploring tropical, floral and geometric atmospheres, the company goes beyond the boundaries of fashion to decorate spaces with liveliness and vitality with Tropical, Flower and Texture patterns.

Colourful plant motifs take shape on the ceramic surfaces, with the surprising material aspect of FAP Murals Tropical Ibisco and Kenzia, characterised by a matt background with lacquered accents in which the luxuriant flora is the undisputed star.

The styling of FAP Murals Flower Corten and Soft also recall the profound soul of nature. In the Corten version, flowers emerge from a sheet of metal from which it takes its name, while in the soft design, light floral motifs are represented as delicate veils of tulle. The colours are subdued, while light shadows elegantly highlight the iridescent accents.

The surprising aspect of the collection lies in the enchanting highly iridescent decorations created by FAP Ceramiche for the Kenzia, Corten and Soft patterns. Here, the decoration finds its maximum expression in the panel compositions which, like modern trompe-l’oeil paintings, amplify the space with shimmering overlays, precious contrasts and matching colours that give the illusion of walls open to the world.

There is no lack of extremely contemporary geometric patterns designed to create a surprising and eye-catching optical effect with FAP Murals Texture Macro where the decorations are characterised by colour contrasts with simplified shapes, while FAP Murals Texture Kilim is characterised by the evocative configuration of traditional weavings in shades of deep blue.

The collection’s large 80x160 cm panels are a stylistic and architectural feature capable of furnishing and fully expressing the personality of those who inhabit the spaces, ideal as wall coverings for the bathroom and for all rooms in the home and in the contract sector, thanks to FAP Ceramiche’s combination of aesthetic innovation and ability to anticipate living trends.