RE:d totems mask collection is designed to cure consumer pain for the decorative items that don't request primary materials for their production.

8 wall masks made of 100% recycled HDPE are an attempt to prove that recycled plastic CAN decorate and make the interior one of a kind, spiritual and bright.

Ancient Slavic symbols and images, totem and ritual masks of the peoples of Eurasia, which our ancestors often created from waste (small scraps of fabrics, ribbons, leather, birch bark, straw, clay or wood) seem just the right source of inspiration.

So the reasonable ancient approach met with the modern problem of excessive consumption of plastic and was embodied in 8 wall "totems" that make spaces special without harming the environment.

Materials: recycled plastic (02 HDPE)
Designers: Nasya Kopteva and Sasha Braulov
Photo credit: Olya Ogoneva