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Maison&Objet in Paris and Garden Unique in Cologne, both in September, mark the start of the industry's outdoor season 2014.

For the first time we've put together our tried-and-tested Architonic Guide also for Maison&Objet and will also be on the ground at the fair from 6 to 10 September with C@fé by Architonic. We look forward to seeing you there – Hall 7, Stand C110.

Here's what you'll find in our August newsletter:

  • Field of Dreams: greening the urban landscape
  • Inspiring Search Results N° 20: Garden chairs with sled base
  • Inspiring Spaces N° 12: Design of outside space
  • Architecture and Design Projects on Architonic


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Field of Dreams: greening the urban landscape

Increased urban congestion. Climate change and sustainability. Urban regeneration. The reasons for the burgeoning movement in highly considered, integrated green spaces in towns and cities around the globe are as manifold as the forms they take. Architonic steps outside to investigate.


One of the two armadillo-like conservatories in Singapore’s Bay South Garden – the first completed part of the coastal Gardens by the Bay project


Landscape architecture in cities is a hugely fertile – and expanding – field. Audacious, vast schemes for urban parks, gardens and green roofs are mushrooming all over the world. This is partly due to a new, growing movement, which flouts the age-old hierarchy of gardens being subsidiary to buildings. Landscape urbanism, as it’s called, privileges horizontal landscaping over vertical architecture.

What’s more, many urbanites appreciate bold, contemporary gardens, while these in turn are widely recognised as offering psychological benefits – they counter the stress caused by congested streets and our exploding urban populations.


Vertical planting inside a conservatory at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay, which also houses a continuously flowering meadow and waterfall


More importantly, an increasing awareness of climate change and an urgent sense of ecological responsibility felt by designers and the public alike have led to sustainability being the bedrock of many projects. This has seen the widespread rise of practices such as cleansing and reusing stormwater (rainwater that runs off imporous, pollutant-coated surfaces such as concrete) and boosting biodiversity.


New: Architonic RSS Newsfeeds



It's sometimes a bit difficult to get an overview of the latest manufacturers, products, editorial articles and projects in Architonic's database, given its vast amount of content.

That's why we're now offering Architonic updates via RSS newsfeeds.

Regardless of how you read and manage your feeds – be it online in a browser or via an app, like Flipboard or Pulse, on your mobile device – we always keep you up to date. Now it's easy to follow in real time which interesting new products have appeared on the market, what the latest trends are in architecture and design, and which new projects are being shown on Architonic.

To allow you to tailor content to your own particular interests, we've divided the Architonic Newsfeeds into three areas: the latest products from our manufacturers, the most recent articles from News & Trends, and the latest architectural projects on Architonic.


Inspiring Search Results N° 20

Garden chairs with sled base

Inspiring Spaces N° 12

Design of outside space

Architecture and Design Projects on Architonic


Parco Dora by Latz + Partner LandschaftsArchitekten

Turin | Italy | Completed 2011-2013
photographer: © Ornella Orlandini

G.Valbon school complex by Mikou Studio

Bobigny | France | Completed 2012
photographer: Florian Kleinefenn

Burnley Living Roofs by HASSELL

Burnley Campus I Melbourne | Australia | Completed 2013
photographer: Peter Bennetts, Les O’Rourke

Jean Lurcat High School Gymnasium by Mikou Studio

Saint-Denis | France | Completed 2013
photographer: Florian Kleinefenn

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