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What springs to your mind when you hear the term 'intarsia'? Period furniture so favoured by the 15th-century's Italy? Or is it perhaps the obsolete technique of wooden wall decoration?

Well, you might not be the only one who associates marquetry with not-so-modern aesthetics. In our recent article: 'Marquetry in modern design', Architonic's editors shed some light on this traditional handcraft technique not only because of its recent rediscovery by a number of contemporary designers but also because of the high-tech methods involved in the production process of such furniture.

Speaking of modern technology, our second article „Leading Lights“ also focuses on applied science and the potential of LED lighting technology which recently found itself revolutionising architectural light-planning.

What is more, we'd like to share the news with you that from autumn this year, a valuable service will be provided by 'stilhaus'. An innovative concept by Daniel Medina, 'stilhaus' will see an array of carefully selected, specialised distributors, manufacturers and products united under one umbrella, enabling a client and his architect to plan and furnish a building project – without the hassle but in style.

Finally, a visual treat and an unparalleled source of inspiration from this year's edition of imm cologne and design post, our editors and their ubiquitous cameras have captured both of the events and we can now share with you some 1000 images via Architonic's Facebook page. For a real 'been-there' experience, the Phototours focus not only on the products, but also on their setting and context.

Here our content in short:

  • Marquetry in modern design 
  • Leading lights: current and future applications for new lighting technologies 
  • stilhaus takes shape: Daniel Medina implements his vision for construction & furnishing ideas
  • Architonic photo tour of imm cologne and design post 2012 with more than 1000 images
  • The latest projects from Architonic's 'Architecture & Design' section
  • Be inspired!

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    Marquetry in modern design

    "Precious" table by Giuseppe Pruneri for Haute Material; inlay of italian walnut-tree and ivory, stainless steel structure

    We associate it with Louis XVI, art nouveau furniture and the wall decorations of clubhouses, but when we talk about it we are generally referring to something quite different. Marquetry, otherwise known as inlay work, does not generate a positive response with people who like to surround themselves with modern design, but in what follows Architonic will do its best to rehabilitate its image. Read more about modern marquetry in our „News&Trends“ magazine!
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    Leading lights: current and future applications for new lighting technologies

    An escalator transported visitors from the entrance into the heart of the structure; photo by Basil Childers

    Few aspects of product development have seen more innovation in the past decade than lighting design. Legislation and consumer demand have hastened the evolution of energy efficient solutions and programmable software now enables infinitely customisable lighting scenarios. Architonic examines some shining examples of products and projects that demonstrate the diverse and unusual possibilities offered by these new technologies.
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    stilhaus takes shape
    Daniel Medina implements his vision for construction and furnishing ideas on 20,000 m2

    stilhaus entrance hall with rough-and-ready interiors for the pre opening event

    Building a house is something most people do only once in their lifetimes. And when they do so, they are, as laymen, confronted by a highly complex technical world and often the irrevocable decisions they make about their future home are simply a shot in the dark. As a result, many a home-building project has led at best to grey hair and at worst to marital break-up. 'stilhaus' can save your marriage and your hair, as well as the one of your architect. Discover just how Daniel Medina manages to improve and simplify the building process in our online magazine “News & Trends”.

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    Architonic photo tour of imm cologne and design post 2012 published on our Facebook page

    imm cologne 2012, as seen by Architonic 

    The focus of more than 1000 images of imm cologne and design post 2012 was not on a technically perfect photo shoot, rather we concentrated on the perception of the product and its scenery and context. With the spontaneous and intuitive style of the images taken off the cuff, we tried to record the pulsating atmosphere of the fair and collected our discoveries for you.
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    Recent Projects from 'Architecture & Design'

    Solid 11, Tony Fretton Architects Ltd

    Photo: © Peter Cook

    to the Tony Fretton Architects Ltd profile on Architonic  


    Tenerife Centre of Dramatic Arts, GPY Arquitectos

    Photo: © Miguel de Guzmán

    to the GPY Arquitectos profile on Architonic  


    Restaurant Tori Tori, Rojkind arquitectos

    Photo: Paúl Rivera

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