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Here's a brief overview of the contents of our September newsletter:

  • Agenda October & November 2012
  • Whiter Shade of Pale: Materials Council's 'Whiter than White' exhibition at Super Brands London
  • Internal Culture: design history revisited at London design showrooms during LDF 2012
  • CREA AWARDS 2012: Winners Announced
  • Architonic Products & Materials: Inspiring Search Results N° 9
  • Architonic Architecture & Design: Inspiring Spaces N° 2
  • The most recent projects from our 'Architecture & Design' library


After eight days full of exhibitions and public-space installations, lectures and panel discussions, all accompanied by parties and interesting meetings, the 10th London Design Festival is now also history.
Materials Council, Architonic's associated company, took advantage of the opportunity to present itself to the public and to get off to a resounding start. Architonic celebrated the newly established company with a party on the opening evening of Super Brands, with everything made possible by Monkey 47 Gin, Thomas Henry Tonic Water and Slide. More information about the exhibition on the occasion of the launch of Materials Council appears in the article 'Whiter Shade of Pale: Materials Council's 'Whiter than White' exhibition at Super Brands London'.

Parallel to the various major exhibitions such as Super Brands London, Tent, designjunction and 100% Design, a number of design brands used their showrooms in the city in order to display interesting facets of their own design history. For more information please see the article 'Internal Culture: design history revisited at London design showrooms during LDF 2012'.

In addition – with Architonic represented on the jury – the CREA AWARDS were presented by Vibia in September. We feature the three winning projects.

And before we forget, London was only the beginning of this year's trade fair season. As usual, Architonic will be present with a stand of its own at the Interieur biennial exhibition in Kortrijk and at Orgatec in Cologne. In addition, on 24 October we will be holding a party at King Georg in Cologne – more information will be revealed in our Special Newsletter on the subject of Orgatec, in which we will also be informing you about a ground-breaking new feature in our database.

In the meantime you can download the Architonic Guide to Orgatec Cologne here:



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Agenda October & November 2012

23rd Biennale of Design, Ljubljana

27 September - 11 November 2012

VLOW!, Bregenz

5 & 6 October 2012

Green Home Design, Milan
17 - 20 October 2012

MADE Expo, Milan
17 - 20 October 2012

Architektur 0.12, Zurich
19 - 21 October 2012

Neue Werkstoffe - Symposium, Munich
19 October 2012 
Materials Council's/Architonic's Ian Hunter speaking

Interieur, Kortrijk
20 - 28 October 2012

Materialica, Munich
23 - 25 October 2012

Orgatec, Cologne
23 - 27 October 2012
Visit Architonic at Stand A-70 / B-71, Hall 9

Architonic Disco, Cologne
24 October 2012

Designer's Open, Leipzig
25 – 28 October 2012

Designers' Saturday, Langenthal CH
3 & 4 November 2012


Whiter Shade of Pale: Materials Council's 'Whiter than White' exhibition at Super Brands London

We all know what the colour white looks like. Right? Anyone who made it down to Super Brands London this September would have had such a preconception challenged by a striking exhibition by Materials Council, the newly launched creative materials consultancy and afiliated company of Architonic.


Multiple senses were engaged by the materials samples on show; photo by Daf Photography

On show was a curated array of intelligent architectural materials and finishes, which, displayed in a carefully considered, almost graphic manner, encouraged visitors to think again about what the colour white actually looks like. The exhibition also successfully demonstrated how the holy-grail-like pursuit undertaken by so many architects and other creatives for the most brilliant, pristine whiteness in their choice of materials is complicated by a number of important factors, including cost and sustainability.


Materials Council founders Brad Turner (left) and Ian Hunter; photo Daf Photography

Ranging in size, the samples in the Materials Council exhibition produced, as a whole, a double effect: on the one hand it foregrounded the complexity involved in specifying materials that seek to achieve a truly pure chromatic appearance; and on the other it showed how expert materials consulting can guide you through that very complexity, allowing you to embrace the creative possibilities that it affords by helping you make the right materials decisions.

The initial visual fascination with the materials on show at 'Whiter than White' led immediately to a second sensory interaction for visitors, as hands were drawn instinctively to touch the samples, throwing once more into relief the extent to which our perception and understanding of the built environment is shaped by the sum total of our various senses. Glass, metal, natural stone, manmade stone, concrete, timber, textiles, coatings, plastics and composites were all scrutinised at Materials Council's special exhibition space at Super Brands by architects and other visitors.


Guests helped celebrate the launch of Materials Council thanks to party sponsors Slide, Monkey 47 Gin and Thomas Henry Tonic Water; photo Daf Photography


Internal Culture: design history revisited at London design showrooms during LDF 2012

While the London Design Festival's big-top design destinations, such as Super Brands London, Tent, designjunction and 100% Design pulled large crowds, a number of design brands used their city showrooms as spaces for serving up fascinating slices of design-historical culture. Here's some of what was on the menu.


Before Vignelli there was Matter: Herbert Matter's old logotype for Knoll in the window of their West End showroom during the London Design Festival 2012

For once, you can believe the hype. This year's London Design Festival – with its Phoenix-like, born-again 100% Design fair, carefully curated must-see venue designjunction, plus punch-packing destinations Super Brands London and Tent – had a genuinely renewed energy about it, fit for a city with a reputation as one of the world's truly global design hubs.

But while these headline events drew international crowds, eager to see the latest material offerings and ideas from manufacturers and independent designers alike, a number of leading design brands chose, on a more modest scale, to acknowledge the cultural significance of design by curating in-showroom shows with a decidedly design-historical inflection.


Swiss-born graphic-design hero Herbert Matter's posters and advertising for Knoll grace the walls of the American brand's showroom on London's Mortimer Street

Knoll chose its Clerkenwell showroom as venue to pay homage to a key figure from the brand's rich graphic heritage – pioneering Swiss-born graphic designer Herbert Matter. Matter, who studied and worked in Geneva and Paris with the likes of Le Corbusier and Ferninand Léger and whose ground-breaking combination of photomontage with impeccable typography sealed his reputation as one of the 20th century's most innovative commercial designers, acted as design consultant to the American manufacturer from 1946 to 1966.

Visitors to the exhibition, entitled 'Knoll and Matter: Redefining Visual Communication', were given the opportunity to (re)discover Matter's innovative graphic work for Knoll in the form of posters, advertising and branding, a visual vocabulary that helped position the brand at the vanguard of modern furniture design.


CREA AWARDS 2012: Winners Announced

The wait is over! VIBIA, in cooperation with Architonic, are excited to announce the three winners of the CREA AWARDS 2012. Creative minds from 40 different countries participated in the contest, providing ideas for lighting applied to architecture and interior design.The main goal: to create inspiring and convincing photo collages of spaces illuminated using Vibia’s new modular lighting collections.The winners were selected on the basis of the conceptual interaction of the light setting with space, their creativity and the architectural and visual quality of the projects. The decision wasn’t easy for jury members Sevil Peach, Ulrike Brandi, Lars Krückeberg, Martin Gran, Francesc Rifé and Tobias Lutz. Congratulations to all participants for their creativity and thinking beyond the conventional. And with that said, here are the winners:


First Prize | The Optical Window by Smart Metropolitans (Poland)

The space represents a clear architectural concept of a dreamy, intimate environment that plays with light and shadow with the use of perforated external walls. The internal wall has an artificial light installation with the use of integrated, wall mounted FOLD luminaries by Vibia, which create a similar pattern on the wall. The light-source is not seen, but the light throws sharp-edged shadows where the lampshade touches the wall, creating a visual dialogue, a poetic interaction between external daylight and internal artificial light.


Second Prize | Built Link by Jan Ulmer Architects (Germany)

The Berlin firm has implemented the use of LINK lamps by Vibia as 'bricks' to literally build with light. As a result, in 'Haus Edelmann' the rooms open out around a voluminous core, whose outer shell consists of a self-supporting light structure. The individual elements of this core of light can be switched on or off or dimmed in order to differentiate the surrounding areas and functions.


Third Prize | Flow Light by IM LAB (UK)

Multiple rooms interlinked by a staircase: the project is both a lighting solution highlighting the main areas of display and a sculptural interpretation of the space, guiding the visitor through the vertical connection. HALO by Vibia allows for exactly that spatial movement through the building, aligning light with the visitor’s motion. The flowing design was inspired by the movement of wine being poured out of the bottle.

Architonic Products & Materials: Inspiring Search Results N° 9

Wall tiles | …in white colour

Architonic Architecture & Design: Inspiring Spaces N° 2

Architecture and Design | Models

The Most Recent Projects From Our 'Architecture & Design' Library


Washstand | Germany | 2011

Lischer Partner Architekten Planer

Huse holiday house, Vitznau | Switzerland | Completed 2011

Hamonic + Masson

62 Council Flats - Villiot-Râpée | Paris | France | Completed July 2011

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