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The practice was founded by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw in 1980.

Grimshaw excels at the design and construction of significant buildings that are finely crafted to suit
their purpose and help enrich their local communities. Over 25 years, the practice has established a reputation worldwide for rational building design and a profound understanding of the use of materials. Early industrial projects in the UK set a precedent for the criteria

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The Mile-High Club

Klaus Leuschel


Ever since Norman Foster's game-changing Stansted Airport was completed almost 25 years ago, it's been full throttle for London's high-tech architects, with their aviation-celebrating terminals around the globe themselves been celebrated for their



Klaus Leuschel


‘The people did not like St Paul’s. They were against the Eiffel Tower. They liked neither the Sydney Opera House nor the Centre Pompidou. But today, millions of photos of these buildings are sent around the world via e-mail and by phone.’ (Jan


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