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Editor's Letter – August 2023

Simon Keane-Cowell


Climate action and actioning innovation. An Architonic summer.

'Who doesn't want to be in a timber ...

Claire Brodka


At FRAMING during 3daysofdesign, Simon Keane-Cowell sat down for an Architonic Live Talk with the Danish architect to discuss the race for height in timber construction and why insurance companies aren't fans of the material.

Editor's Letter – January 2022

Simon Keane-Cowell


The great departed and the arrival of new voices. Welcome to 2022.

'We don't talk about sustainability, we just do ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Sustainability Design Week: Kim Nielsen explains how the research-led, Danish-founded practice has sustainability and circularity running through its veins.

Sustainability Design Week: 3XN Architects, Mario Cucinella ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


What does sustainability mean and how can it be achieved? Four leading expert-thinkers and practitioners cut through the greenwashing.

Face off: office facades

Brand story

Peter Smisek


You only get one chance to make a good first impression, they say. The latest office facades do just that.

A change of tune: 6 concert halls with perfect pitch

Jaime Heather Schwartz


Recent concert hall projects are hitting all the right notes with a mix of intriguing forms and multi-functions that make room to enjoy more than just the music.

Architecture in Ascendance: innovative staircase design

Dominic Lutyens


Staircases are overdetermined things. A highly functional element in the internal circulation of a building, they are also laden with cultural and psychological symbolism. We may live in the age of the lift and escalator, but this hasn’t stopped

Engineered Nature: materials made to perform

selected by Materials Council


Nature does a pretty good job of shaping our environment. But what happens when innovation and creative thinking are applied to the more sustainable natural materials out there? Leading materials consultancy Materials Council investigates the

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