Established in 1989, Maiori creates smart, sustainable outdoor furniture that is versatile, user friendly and innovative.

Maiori products are free from complexity yet considered in details, made following strict sustainability and traceability standards and crafted using the most advanced materials and coatings. We put our furniture and accessories through the most demanding quality tests to ensure they
serve its purpose for long time, no matter what abuse or weather conditions.

The use of hand-woven parts in aluminium structures, the Commissioned Teak table tops selected on site amongst the cream cuts of certified selective loggers, the revisited classics, or the autonomous solar lighting are all built upon the blend of traditional craft-work and forward-thinking engineering that has driven us for the past decades.

Maiori’s 2015 colour palette celebrates the feel and flavours of our Mediterranean culture, to which we are so connected. From spicy saffron and marsala tones to deeper shades of charcoal or dusky blue and mouth-watering vivid shades of green and orange, the colours express the vividly earthy, minimalist and nomadic character of the Mediterranean and its contrast of past and future, fast paced cities and vast landscapes, technology and tradition.