The restauration of the library in Kirkkonummi, 30 kilometers west of Helsinki is a unique and interesting project. This impressive building named “Fyyri” opened its doors to the public in October 2020. By then it had already seen the bankruptcy of its first contractor and experienced a pandemic nobody had planned for.

Nevertheless, the archipelago themed building designed by JKMM Arkkitehdit got finished and now boasts a library, youth center and café, all wrapped up in a striking design.

In a 5000m² building located in a very dark part of the world lighting of course plays a vital role, especially when it’s a library. Saas Instruments responsibility was to accommodate these solutions through a large amount of bespoke lighting fixtures. From the integrated brass spots along the 50-meter reading table to the powerful ceiling luminaires providing general light, every detail has been carefully thought out by the R&D team at Saas. The entrances were designed to create an inviting effect in the huge copper façade without the risk of glare.

Although most lighting solutions are tailor made, a few familiar Saas products can also be found here. The 15mm spots by the reading stairs and the beautiful brass Sticks gives the trained eye a hunch of who’s behind the lighting solutions. Together with the freestanding floor lights the overall ambiance in the library becomes typically Scandinavian while still creating a cozy reading atmosphere. It just goes to show that lighting really is the easiest way to make a space feel truly special.


JKMM Arkkitehdit

Property Owner / Client

City of Kirkkonummi

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