WAM architecten has swiftly forged itself into a dedicated, sterling team of professionals. Wilfried van Winden serves as chief architect for each design, flanked by his right-hand man, the architect Tijmen Huétink.

Tijmen qualified as an architect at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in 2005 and since then he has gained a wealth of experience as a project architect. With him the translation from design to building is in reliable hands. Tijmen is jointly responsible for the bureau’s further growth and ongoing quality improvement. In conjunction with Wilfried, he maintains close contact with clients and advisers and oversees the internal process management.

Wilfried and Tijmen are assisted by experienced assistant designers, draughtsmen and students of architecture and urban design working as interns. A new team that possesses all the necessary expertise is assembled for each assignment: from interior to restoration and from visual quality plan to urban design. Alongside Tijmen and Wilfried, the fixed team includes Laura Blauw, Linda de Geus, Egle Kazdailyte, Leo Glastra van Loon, Federica Meneguzzo and Anne Vahl.


WAM architecten is a guarantee for the fulfilment of the dreams of the client and the end user. The bureau is distinctive for its exploratory approach, inventiveness, focus on pleasure and enthusiasm, with which it strives to realise beautiful buildings and surroundings in close consultation with the client. These projects might be small interventions, such as a porch, or real eye-catchers, such as the renowned Inntel Hotel in Zaandam. WAM architecten does not employ a single style that is universally applicable in order to achieve this. Together with the client, WAM architecten stage-manages an urban setting or a building, achieving a result that is pleasurable and beautiful while also dovetailing perfectly with the desired atmosphere.