The activity of the studio is improved by experiences in art direction, exhibitions design and interior design. Such activities are always very useful occasions to test in a very short time the formal and functional research elements that are interesting for the studio. Several exhibition stands have been designed for the Expo Italia Real Estate annual exhibition, some private apartments and offices like the extension of the Italian offices of Doughty Hanson & Co., this activity often involve as a first step a very important space planning exercise like in the new Italian headquarters of Levi’s Strauss & Co, in Milan.
The prolonged experience with a developer brings PP and his collaborators , coming from experiences in international studios, to always consider the design activity as an occasion to add value to the property under development.
In particular arch. Cinzia Catena and arch. Enrico Arrighetti are integral part of the studio and they are the leaders of each project, the reference persons for the management both of internal and external collaborators.
The usual synergy with important law firms specialised in permitting, construction design firms and market experts both in residential and retail can guarantee a full service package.