LAB23 is a new brand in the field of Italian urban design and it was born in 2008 in Martellago, near Venice.

LAB23 receives and develops the capacity inherited by Veneta Plastica Company, founded in 1958, which became a market leader in the field of plastics materials. Since 1989 it studies and designs solutions for recycling containers.

The new trademark/society is the result of a modernization process begun in 1996 by the new property in order to develop products to care for our environment, where quality, functionality and design are fundamental features.

Nowadays, every product is characterised by a design with a contemporary touch and it combines rigorous and essential forms but also soft and sinuous ones with materials and construction solutions able to guarantee high quality, thus cutting down the maintenance costs.

To obtain these results, LAB23 prefers materials such as stainless steel, corten steel and wood.

The Venetian Company also provides the designers the possibility to develop and produce exclusive types of urban design dedicated to specific interventions.

Every product is followed from its study to its production, from its assemblage to its actual creation by the internal technicians who provide the highest quality and final result.

Urban design for a new city view

If the reliability of the products is due to the long standing industrial experience, the innovative power of the brand belongs to the awareness that the future of the urban life is given by the capacity to have a new vision of the city with its open and shared spaces.

If the architecture wants to respect the principles of energy sustainability, reducing pollution and increasing the amount of plants, trees and parks with green areas, then every city wants to be a social place and no longer a mare workplace. To permit this, it is essential the fundamental role of the urban design as an aesthetics and functional quality.

The meeting , the exchange of pieces of information between citizens, but also the perception and contemplation of natural elements (air, sky, flora and water), could be and have to be stimulated by urban elements incorporated to the urban design project.

As urban design corresponds not only to create functional elements for open spaces, but also to have the awareness of its quality aspects followed by its re- qualification itself.