Giovanni De Maio continuous since four generations, with faithful engagement, to carry beauty in the houses and in the atmospheres of all the world.
The ceramics becomes art, like if the nature had asked to be immortal, like if the history of a country had asked being narrated. Its production is the same representation of the Mediterranean luminosity that always has been the background of its personal history.

Creative synthesis, immediacy of image, colours that come near in contrast and not for vanished superimposition, these characters that marks the way of the ceramics production in Vietri sul Mare, the door of the Coast of Amalfi. The first traces of the art of the ceramics in city go back to the XV sec., (when they came then produced langelle of knot terracotta) it was till today the most important today way of the commerce in the Mediterranean. The crescents link trade joined them to the only characteristics of the territory and to the particular originality of the craftsmen, they carried Vietri to become one of the recognized capital of the production of the art ceramics. The beauty of the places and the vivacity of the vietrese artistic inspiration attracts from the years 20’s of the XX sec. the arrival on the Coast of artists and foreign craftsmen whom they prime on the traditional reasons, facts of interlace and heraldry, figures and scenes drawn from the life of the place but also figures marked from an inner abstraction that exalts decorative value, suspended in one fixity that go over the contingent needs. The chromatic phantom of the decorations breaks off the brightness with the black nocturne and mysterious of their depth of the Coast of Amalfi.
The incomparable vietrese ceramics was born.