Forma 5, the industry leader:

It is a large holding company highly specialised in office furniture and public spaces, that offers comprehensive furnishing with a high added value based on design and technological innovation. Forma 5 analyses, designs and manufactures furniture for work and public spaces. Through its products, the company implements solutions that meet perfectly the needs of each space to furnish, under a distinctive touch of elegance.

Forma 5 has now become one of the most international companies, a leader in the sector and has presence in over 30 countries worldwide.

Specialists in their sector:

In Seville, southern Spain, are situated the Forma 5 facilities that have more than 60,000 m2 of floor space. It is a place where everything related to the company: manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, along with technical offices and laboratory are located.

A team of more than 400 professionals who every day engage in a common project: giving the best of themselves, creating an innovative idea, making a perfect piece of furniture to create an office that meets the needs of customers.

Forma 5 specialises in four divisions: veneer furniture, melamine furniture, operational, metal furniture and chairs. This allows the organization to have highly trained professionals, making us a specialist in all fields.

Committed to the environment:

Forma 5, has 4320 solar panels that cover most of the surface of the roof of our facilities, that is over 15,000 m2. This makes the company less dependent on electricity and saves the planet the emission of 1000 tonnes CO2.

Furthermore, all products manufactured by Forma 5 are 100% recyclable, even including the packaging in which the products are packed.

To all this, we must add the certificates showing that Forma 5 meets all the requirements of environmental management, as well as the certificate ISO 14001 accredited.

Marking trends:

Forma 5 has been taking part in numerous national and international exhibitions of recognised prestige. Always presenting their latest products and trends, the company also has been at trade fairs as important as Ofitec-Madrid, Orgatec, Cologne, EOX-Dubai-, Passenger Terminal, or London Design Prima, among many others.

Always with appealing stands made from leading designers that left no one indifferent, Forma 5 has caused excitement and has received a great reception from the visiting public in fairs and exhibitions.

Furthermore, Forma 5 has opened its first showroom in London, where it is presenting its products to UK customers and creating a very positive impression.