Cinzia Ferrara and Pietro Palladino, founders of Studio Ferrara-Palladino (second and third from the left)


It’s been over 20 years that Ferrara Palladino e Associati consultancy has been operating in the field of lighting design.
Since the beginning the founders Cinzia Ferrara and Pietro Palladino, architect the first and engineer the latter, have approached lighting in all aspects combining creativity, technical know how with innovative and original product solutions.
In the last years Cesare Coppedè and Paolo Spotti become partners and added their contributions to the work of the Studio integrating their own specific skills and knowledge.

Beyond the normal skills of project and design the Studio, located in Milan, works constantly to spread a real lighting culture. For all these reasons, the Studio is recognized not only as a point of reference, but also, as an educational laboratory experimenting projects and products for interiors and exteriors.