Edra – a story all its own
Innovation, culture, new functions and peerless performance. There are many different reasons for owning an Edra settee or armchair. Yet these are not the only things that put Edra products in a class of their own. Edra products are a matchless blend of tradition and innovation, technology and craftsmanship, high-tech industrial processes and sartorial mastery: a priceless combination of natural and man-made. Every Edra product is unique: an extraordinary amalgam of Edra’s highly contemporary approach to handicraft and its ongoing search for technical perfection.

Technology and Craftsmanship
At Edra, research into new forms and materials is second nature. The very latest industrial technology combines with the traditional manual skills of Tuscany, the Italian region home to the Company. This part of Italy is renowned the world over for its fabrics, wines, luxury yachts, sartorial skills and finest leather products. Edra brings together high-tech and hand-made to produce unrivalled excellence.

Tuscany boasts a unique historical and artistic heritage. This was where the Etruscan civilisation flourished before the Romans. Home to poet Dante Alighieri and the Accademia della Crusca, it is the region that gave Italy the Italian language. Tuscany also saw the birth of the Italian and European Renaissance. This may well be why Edra products always have a story to tell. Every article is a product in its own right with its own particular tale to tell.

Pushing Back Horizons
Edra products are never mere stylistic extravaganzas. They are the result of painstaking enquiry into form, function, technology, materials and aesthetics. Which is why Edra products often revolutionise the very way we imagine, and use, a traditional piece of furniture. Advances in construction techniques, functional improvements affording smooth, natural position-adjustments together with a blend of new and traditional, natural and man-made materials, all contribute to an end product of unsurpassed performance and comfort.

For Edra, making settees or armchairs means taking a new look at the whole question of function, exploring possible new uses, and discovering new features of user comfort. The result: products that adjust to the body’s different positions. Edra’s upholstered collection – a hall of fame of evergreen articles alongside novelty items destined to become classics – is in itself an account of how contemporary comfort has developed.

Table, chairs, storage units and furnishing accessories
Besides its sofa and armchair collection, edra also offers a range of tables, chairs and furnishing accessories inspired by the same unique design principles. Dining and occasional tables come in two categories. What edra defines as its “basic” range could hardly be called predictable. Architectural archetypes such as columns and pedestals lend contemporary relevance to models intriguingly named Aqua, Aquarello, Croma, Neolitico and Penta, some with the option of mixing and matching to achieve special configurations. Edra’s top lines include Anthurium, Baghdad, Brasilia, Capriccio, Cotto and Zig Zag. These are pieces that define the personality of a space without ever overpowering it. But one thing that edra’s products all share is their ability to enhance every setting, be it classical or contemporary, public or private. Edra has given chairs and stools to a new lease of life: distinctive statement designs like Adelphi, Fortuna, Jenette, Leather Works, Mummy, Soshun and Verde will appeal to bold and discerning tastes. In furniture, as in fashion, accessories are the finishing touch that can make or break a look. The right shoes and the perfect belt add a touch of style. And the perfect mirror, tallboy or lighting fixture can lift the feel and mood of a room to stylish new heights. Pieces like edra’s Campana, Miraggio or Zig Zag, and Brosse, Cabana, and Scrigno storage units, undoubtedly have the power to make a difference.

Edra’s Story
The Company was created in 1987. The name “Edra” is succinctly self-explanatory: removing the preposition from the Greek word ‘esedra’, meaning a place for philosophical discussion, ‘edra’ becomes a seat, a place to sit, and by extension, a home, a dwelling. Right from the start, in a process that is closer to art, Edra has not so much followed the market as anticipated it with an array of sensationally innovative products – as avant-garde Italian design did in its dawn. Although recent, Edra’s iconic products are already classics of contemporary design, hailed by the Italian and international press and part of the permanent collections of world famous museums like New York’s MoMA and the Beaubourg in Paris.