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Established in 2004, SWDO is an industrial design office based in Brussels. With an approach to design characterised by a clear inquisitiveness for products, industry and processes. Sylvain Willenz and his team, work on various projects ranging from lighting to products, IT electronics and furniture.
SWDO works internationally with renowned clients such as Cappellini, (IT), Established & Sons (UK), Freecom (NL/DE), Hay (DK), Tamawa

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The Right Stuff: Sylvain Willenz

Simon Keane-Cowell


Die Vielzahl seiner Kooperationen mit so berühmten Namen wie Cappellini und Established & Sons sowie in jüngerer Zeit Retegui, Menu und Objekten bezeugt, dass der aus Brüssel stammende Sylvain Willenz Dinge erschafft, an denen „die Leute


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