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The “not common things” by COVO return to enrich the design “dictionary”. Simple and wise objects made of few signs, but capable of being remembered. In the contemporary saturated condition, we find ourselves surrounded more and more by a world of “things”. Material and immaterial things, real and imaginary things, sacred and unholy things, things which are useful and things that are not, good and bad things. The Design takes care of

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Material Tendencies: Richard Hutten

Anita Hackethal


Richard Hutten ist bekannt für seinen spielerischen Umgang mit Design. Er ist stets darauf bedacht, Dingen etwas Frisches und Aussergewöhnliches zu verleihen und dem Vorhandenen neue Möglichkeiten hinzuzufügen. In seinen Arbeiten drückt sich


Fancy a Joint?: innovative joinery in new furniture design

Simon Keane-Cowell


Screws? Glue? Who needs them? With a number of designers developing intriguing new ways of constructing furniture, Architonic takes a look at some examples of recent innovative joinery methods.


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