Wide-board Douglas fir flooring, lye and white soap finish by selected by Materials Council

Wide-board Douglas fir flooring, lye and white soap finish


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Douglas - Lye and soap finish

Product description
This wide-board solid timber flooring is made from Douglas fir, an abundant and sustainably harvested certified timber species. It is available as standard in wide-boards (450mm) and lengths up to 15m, making it a premium product.
The application of lye to the surface lightens the colour of the timber. An applied soap finish whitens it further and protects against the absorption of dirt and grease into the body of the timber, but does require reapplication throughout the life of the floor.
Being a solid timber product it can be refinished to prolong its in-service life.
Dimensional stability of this product can be an issue, increasing with the size of the boards.

Intended applications
• Internal flooring

Product group: Wood / Wood fibres

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